About Workshop

“MW” Furniture Workshop is an author’s workshop (Mr Piotr Wojtanowski). It has been setup in 1989. In the workshop I design and make a wooden furniture, design interiors in terms of furnishing and decorating with use of wooden components as well inside as outside of buildings. In the workshop to an individual, personalized order, unique author’s furniture and components for interior design are made.


Wooden furniture is designed for personal order, always with thoughts of their users, as well as the character of the interior. The inspiration of the design are personalities of their future users, their interests, passions, but also atmosphere of the house and its surrounding. I always design with thought of comfort and pleasure of the furniture users, satisfying their expectations in artistic as well as usability meaning. I design and make individual furniture for clients that personally arrange their interiors.Each piece designed and made in my workshop is unique and suited to clients needs.


All furniture is made of hardwood, mostly native specimen like oak, ash, sycamore, cherry or beech. Furniture is made same fronts as structure, with use of a traditional woodworkers techniques. It is not only for their beauty, but also durability. I often design furniture with addition of natural components, materials like a laminated melted glass (fusing) or a stained glass. For upholstered furniture we use a natural leather, attractive addition can be made of a unique fabrics. For completion of the wooden furniture we use high quality and ecological stains and lacquers, waxes or natural oils. The furniture is delivered all over the world.


You can place an order:

  • via email or contact form in contact page. It is the best way of contact s, particularly if you ask for price or measures of the furniture. I answer every day late evening. If you ask for price of specific furniture it will be great if you write a number that is listed in the gallery below each photo.
  • in person, by paying us a visit, map and address is in contact page. If so, be sure to call us before and make an arrangement because we can be delivering someone’s furniture that day.

If you order separate pieces of furniture we make them in any measures you want, but furnishing all room I have to pay you a visit and make proper measurements.
Prices depend on measures, hardwood specimen and other factors so they are calculated individually for each order.
Small and separate furniture we can send with delivery company on regular shipment and prices. Shipment of huge one is the matter of separate deal.